Three Things Thursday - Jan 19th

I am so excited to begin a new project called "Three Things Thursday" where I will share three pieces of my week with you all. It may be thoughts, feelings, information, places, or people (probably lots will be people) that I will share with you but I hope that sometimes it resonates with you in some form, maybe as a wife, mother, explorer, or busy person. And I would love to hear what you think of my posts so please feel free to share a comment below.

I was inspired to start this project after seeing the work of Mandy at Present Day Photography. So after you check out my West Coast Canadian musings, then check out Mandy and her East Coast, USA blog posts. I'm sure you will love them.

So lets begin...

First let me say...I am not a writer. I am a photographer. But it is one on my 2017 goals to write more in connection to my photography work in order to create more of a storyteller vibe. So my grammar will be terrible! My form will probably make you cringe, but I hope the content makes you smile, cry, laugh, or reflect.

#1 - Pender Island winters

Winters on the "wet coast" are just that, WET! And dark, cloudy, moody, and windy. So when the sun peaks out, you soak it in. Even if its just for a few minutes while walking to the school bus stop. What brings you joy this time of year?

#2 - Little man

Breakfast with my baby! Usually both my boys are at the table at this time of day but on this Saturday morning my oldest was in bed sick. So it was just my little man & I enjoying a quiet morning of toast, milk, and the click of my camera shutter. Perfect! We don't get many moments like this to connect with each other just the two of us. And I really feel like we both enjoyed those few moments together.

#3  Lets talk about GOALS...

Β   Β 

Since this is my first blog post of 2017 it feels like the perfect time to bring up goals. I have a ton of them. And I bought a new pretty journal to write down my goals, and thoughts for this year. A few of my big goals are....

-lose weight (I know, that's everyone's but I'm really serious about this one)

-get in front of the camera and begin exploring self-portraits (this one terrifies me)

-spend more time outdoors and exploring the southern gulf islands (this one excites me)

I have many, many, other goals but those are locked away in my journal for my eyes only (at least for now). I believe in making big goals. Breaking them down into stages. Writing them down. Visualizing them. Feeling them. Talking about them. Putting them out into the universe (DONE!). Then don't forget to revisit your goals so you don't forget about them.

So what are some of your goals?

Put them out into the universe by leaving a comment below