Three Things Thursday - Jan 26th

Welcome to my second installment of "Three Things Thursday".

1 - That boy's a mystery

This is my first born. I love this image because its a bit mysterious and confusing, which is a lot like him. I love him to bits, but he always keeps us on our toes. On this day he took an interest in a flashlight and old baby monitor. Not quite sure what the game was, but it was interesting to him.

2 - Color of the Year...GREEN!

I'm loving the Pantone color of the year 2017. If you haven't heard of this before here is the link to check it out . Pender Island is the perfect place to capture green. Its everywhere. Moss. Trees. Lakes. This time of year Pender Island is covered in layers of green.

3 - A dog named Zapp

One of my goals is to lose weight. Today I had an empty house, and after doing a work out video I wanted to go for a walk. I hate to admit this, but its the first time I have walked down to Thieves Bay (which is a 6 minute walk) and I don't know why I waited so long. As I was walked out the door, poor Zapp was watching me so I grabbed his leash and said lets go. Poor Zapp doesn't get enough exploring time so he was one happy dog today. We will definitely be doing this more from now on.

Isnt he a handsom boy?

Do you have a dog? Whats your favorite thing to do with your dog this time of year?