Three Things Thursday - March 2 {bring on spring}

Welcome to March and my Three Things Thursday. I'm so excited for this month. This week I spend some me time in a forest on Pender Island, I explore light, and I share my new pastime, juicing! 

My fingers are crossed for warmer and dryer weather AND my family is going on it's first road trip vacation together. It's going to be an amazing month!

1 - Some ME time!

Where I live I don't have any family nearby. My husband works lots and a varying schedule. It's hard for me to get ME time! But once a week for 4 hours my oldest is at school AND my smallest is in daycare. This is ME time! And wow do I need it. During this me time I decided to go to the beach, but the tide was high...soooo I went for a walk in the woods instead. It's not as photogenic as the beach so I began to notice all the little interesting bits of beautiful along the walk.

Located right beside the Pender Island Community Hall. It's a short easy walk and for me was a great way to enjoy a bit of quiet during my ME time!

2 - That time of day

I love this time of day, during this time of year. As we walk to the bus stop to pick up Z, I just love the way the light filters through the tall trees on our street. I am reminded to be thankful of this time we have on Pender Island. The slower life where houses have space between them allowing beautiful pockets of forest to grow.

3 -  I'm juicing!

I never thought I would actually like juicing fruits and vegetables but I DO! Its crazy! It has been a great addition to my diet and I'm feeling so much better. Thanks to a couple of friends for getting my husband on board we now have a fantastic juicer. I was hoping my kids would drink it but no luck yet. I will keep trying! There is something so satisfying about seeing this machine create juice. So fun!