Three Things Thursday - Feb 9 (SNOW on Pender Island!!!)

1 - A walk to Thieves Bay, Pender Island

Days before the storm hit, I decided to get my exercise on and walk to Thieves Bay. It was so cold out but a lovely day. I love Thieves Bay on Pender Island. Its so adorable, charming, and beautiful and also known as the spot to whale watch from shore. On this day I didn't see any whales but I wish I could share with you the sounds of the boats in the wind, and the waves crashing on the shore. Its truly mesmerizing!

2 - I cheat

Yes its true, sometimes I cheat...on my diet!

I have been doing amazing since starting my diet in December but I just cant help myself every now and then. Sweets are my weak spot. Add in a coffee, and I'm in heaven!

3 - Creating a Magical World for my children

We haven't spent a lot of time in our yard the since fall. Once the rains come on Pender Island my yard turns into a mud bog. So this week when we unexpectedly received a dump of snow it was time to head outdoors to play. Yup, it dumped snow on Pender Island!

In the fall I had bought this adorable fairy door from my neighbor who makes them. I had placed it on a tree in our yard. Then I forgot about it. Until this day.

My oldest Z found the door. It had fallen down and he picked it up. He asked what it is and I explained its a fairy door, a way for fairies to travel between their fairy world and our world. We put the door back on the tree and Z was mesmerized. I asked him what types of fairies live in there? He said tooth fairies! And how many live there I asked? Their is 5 he said. And what color do you think they are I asked? Blue ones he told me.

Z then began knocking on the door and asking the fairies to answer. Z took off his toque off and got real close to take a listen. NOTHIN he said. At this point his little brother took notice and decided something interesting was happening and decided to listen to a tree branch. The cuteness meter was off the charts!

So why? Why would I tell my kids about a fairy door? Well, because I want their childhood to be magical. They will have a lifetime of adult worries, so right now they get magic!

Thanks for reading this weeks "3 Things Thursday". And I want to end by asking YOU...what is magical in your life? Feel free to leave me a comment below.