Three Things Thursday - March 30 SPRING BREAK YA!!!!!

Thanks for checking out Three Things Thursday for March 30th. Its alllll about SPRING BREAK! Our first family spring break ever and we had lots of fun (despite the rain) and our first ever road trip.

1 - Ferry time

We live on Pender Island. No bridges here so ferry is our mode of transport when getting off this beautiful rock. The weather was DARK, COLD, and WINDY. But hey, its spring break so it was fun anyways!

2 - Seattle

The first part of our trip we spent just outside of Seattle. It rained, and rained!!! So hotel fun was had and shopping: the Disney store, build a bear, lego store. Yup kids got spoiled! We did get to go to the Seattle Zoo which we all loved! And to end our trip we met up with an amazing photographer and had family photos done. Next trip hopefully we get some sun so we can do more exploring. But regardless it was a great time.

3 - Vancouver

We spent 2 short days in Vancouver. And again it RAINED! But we got some much needed food shopping done, and visited with some family and went to the Vancouver Aquarium which is always a favorite activity for us all.

And one last one, just because I thought it was funny. How to entertain a 2 year old in a hotel room.

What did you do for spring break? Share in the comments section below.