Three Things Thursday - Feb 23 {Family Day on Pender Island}

Hi everyone, thank you for coming and checking out this weeks 3 Things Thursday.

1 - L O V E Day

I hope you had a lovely Valentines Day. I know everyone has different feelings about Valentines Day. Some people think it should only be a day for "lovers" (that word makes me giggle), but this year was my oldest first school Valentines Day experience and it was so fun shopping for Valentines, and picking each one for each kid in his class. We also had a lot of snow days the last few weeks and we did some Valentines Day crafts as a family which was amazing! So I must say that Valentines Day is even more special to me now that I can share it with my children.

2 - Independence

Here is my little guy, all of 2.5 years old. He's stubborn and so smart. He refuses to talk (he says the basics but refuses more), but understands so much. He listens, and follows directions, and loves to show us what he's capable of. On this day he wanted into the bathroom so bad, so I let him and he decided he was going to brush his teeth. I figured no harm in he got a little independence and the pride in his face filled my heart.

3 - Family Day

In B.C. we have a provincial holiday on Feb 13th called Family Day. This year was wonderful because my husband also had it off and the weather was amazing! So in the afternoon (after our naps) we headed out to Roesland National Park, on Pender Island. The tide was low so we could cross over to the island and go for a walk. This park is amazing! So much to see, and the beauty is breathtaking.

There is also a museum there and you can see more about that here

We all had so much fun together and we are soooo ready for spring so we can spend more time at the beach.

Are you getting excited for spring too? What activities are you excited to do this spring?